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Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from an attraction to and an interest in what is about me in the natural world, the movement or flow of the elements, the spectrum of colour, and the residue left behind.


By abstracting the forms I try to create a sense of mood, atmosphere and beauty. Sometimes the compositions are suspended in negative space, and sometimes they create their own landscapes. The work developed from a process of staining. I started the process of staining paper and canvas, watercolour and later watered down acrylics became a great medium for this, by pouring pools of water and then injecting paint into the pools. As the water evaporates the pigment leaves patterns of sediment, sometimes forming organic branching arrangements.


Painting watercolours entails a collaboration of the artist with a living medium that they cannot control or erase. Watercolour or watered down acrylic will flow, settle, blend, separate and invent on its own before it dries. It bears a resemblance to the unpredictable flow of nature.



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